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Where Are the Safest Citi Bike Stations in New York?

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It's no secret that Citi Bike has been controversial (to say the least), but it's hard to argue that it's been the dangerous, totalitarian nightmare many predicted. Still, lots of people despise the program with a fiery passion that one usually reserves for Neo-Nazis or the L Train.

Enter Ben Wellington over at I Quant NY, a blog dedicated to parsing out the myriad open data sets released by the City of New York.

Wellington took a look at bike/vehicle collision data and paired it with Citi Bike data, mapping accidents to the closest stations. The results are somewhat expected, with high-traffic areas seeing the most accidents. In the top ten stations with the highest injury density, three sit just off the Williamsburg Bridge in Manhattan, with another three on Broadway. Of the 32 stations with no recorded nearby accidents, most were in Brooklyn or along the waterfront, where bike paths run.

Wellington also mapped the data for each station, revealing a very pretty mosaic of vehicular chaos (above). The darker sections indicate more injuries, with specific station data available
· "In Search of the Safest Citi Bike Stations using Open Data" [IQNY]