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Listing for $3.8 Million Harlem Townhouse Written in Verse

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This four-story 1909 townhouse at 89 West 119th Street was recently renovated and is now on the market asking $3.795 million, or just under $1,000/square foot. Also, for reasons unknown (perhaps they were just channeling James Russell), the brokers have decided to write the listing in free verse. An excerpt:

The fire watch tower, the

last one in all New York,
soars 47 feet above the
Park's rocky hill.
Stunning view reward those
who take the climb.

The fifth stanza is also quite evocative, particularly the repetition of the word fireplace.

Formal living room with twin fluted columns and fireplace.

Formal dining room wrapped in wainscotting and fireplace. Powerful stuff.

· Listing: 89 West 119th Street [Streeteasy]