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600 Apartments Coming to Long-Stalled Greenpoint Site

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A formerly-stalled development with 600 apartments will finally be coming to West and India streets in Greenpoint. Developer Palin Enterprises, who purchased the lot for $84.57 million in 2006, has teamed up with Mack Real Estate Group to develop 145 West Street, where plans for the site include a 39-story tower with 23,000-square-feet of retail space, reports the Wall Street Journal. The development in the neighborhood that Brooklyn retail specialist Geoffrey Bailey refers to as "the next Williamsburg" (uh...) will be aimed towards millennials, be 20-percent affordable, and have an "affordable luxury" vibe.

The site's Schedule A says the development will have attended parking, some sort of ground-floor healthcare facility, a playroom, library and business center. It's unclear whether the development that was approved before the city's new zoning laws will still include separate buildings for market-rate and affordable apartments. Construction is expected to begin before the end of the year. The building will also link access (PDF!) to the East River waterfront.
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