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Idyllic Bronx Island Will Get Its First New Condos in 15 Years

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At 230 acres and just 4,400 residents, City Island is one of those rustic enclaves within the urban sprawl that is slow to change. But, as per the Times, even this nautical community is not immune to the condo boom gripping the rest of New York. In fact, the first new condos in 15 years are going up on the Bronx island's eastern shore, facing the Long Island Sound. Developed by Greystone and designed by Kutnicki Bernstein Architects, sales for On the Sound's 21 two-family homes and one single-family home will launch this fall, with asking prices for 2BRs starting in the high $400,000s. Three-bedrooms will be priced from the high $500,000s.

City Islanders have long displayed some NIMBY tendencies—opposing a bridge's original design and being wary of a ferry that would deliver visitors to nearby burial ground Hart Island. They have always prized preserving their special pocket of the city. But On the Sound has caused little stir. The developer is building a waterfront esplanade for public use, its buildings are not tall (under the island's 35-foot height limit), and the two-family units are designed to look like single-family homes—all cute and New England-y—just like most of its neighbors.

Two more new developments loom on the horizon, though. One, called Seabreeze, was approved 20 years ago, but construction should finally start in the spring of 2015. It's slated to have two larger buildings with 16 apartments each. Meanwhile, there's another proposed project for "dozens of houses" in a collective called Royal Marina.

As Curbed photoessayist Nathan Kensinger observed in his tour of City Island, perhaps the community has realized it's time to capitalize on all that waterfront real estate by attracting new residents—and that there's a way to do that without interrupting the peace.
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