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Hey, Brooklyn Heights, Pierhouse Is Literally Growing On You

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Here now, another installment in the Brooklyn Bridge Park Gets More Condos saga. While the condos at Pier 6 get disputed and the ones for the John Street site just north of Brooklyn Bridge get off the ground, there are pretty photographs of the rise of Pierhouse. The complex, which will include a 200-room hotel and 108 so-expensive-they're-record-setting apartments, is rising between Piers 1 and 2, along the Brooklyn Bridge Park Greenway. Avid construction-watch blog Field Condition checked in on the project , finding that the 10-story hotel portion (the taller bit to the north, towards the bridge) has topped out, while construction continues on the shorter condo sections to the north and south of the Squbb Pedestrian Bridge. Important fact: the building is getting to the point that it can be seen from the streets, the promenade, Columbia Heights, and, of course, all throughout the park. Cue the sad neighbors and the blocked-view complaints.

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