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First Look at Upper East Side's New Brownstone-Eating Condos

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Looks like broker Ryan Serhant is taking a cue from reality TV frenemy Fredrik Eklund: he's used his own Instagram account to unveil a new rendering. He's going to be selling five new three- and four-bedroom condos at 225 East 81st Street between Second and Third avenues. Apartments will be iPad-controlled with some prewar touches—"coffered ceilings, private storage, and fireplaces," to wit—plus a residents' gym.

The developer is Michael Paul Enterprises, which is responsible for another "boutique" project on East 63rd Street, which looks basically identical to the 81st Street project from the outside. (The sixth and final unit there just went into contract last week.) Michael Paul picked up the brownstone-style apartment building on East 85th in July 2013 for $7,600,000. Though permits approved by the Department of Buildings call it a conversion, based on the modern-looking design by Vail Associates, the old-school building will be completely obscured if not totally razed.

The brownstone was listed in March of 2013, with the photos above, and went into contract in April; the deal closed in July. And now condo sales are likely to launch this fall. Slow they are not.
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