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Renzo Piano's Whitney on the High Line Nears Completion

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[To the left, an image from September 20, 2011. To the right, one from 9 a.m. on August 19, 2014.]

While the Whitney's soon-to-be old location on the Upper East Side presents a Jeff Koons retrospective, its future home along the High Line is nearing completion. Designed by Italian starchitect Renzo Piano, the angular, tiered structure was enclosed back in April—an important milestone—when most of the elevators were also installed. There are several levels of outdoor exhibition space, and the construction of exterior stairs kicked off in June. The building is set to open in 2015. A well-maintained website tracks the building's progress with photography, text updates, and live feed from a webcam that takes a photo of the site every 15 minutes... and has since 2011. Take a look, below, at renderings versus mid-construction reality. It's almost there! Exciting.

[On the left, a rendering of the West Side Highway-facing side of the building; on the right, a recent photo via Flickr/Tectonic.]

[View of the new Whitney from the roof of the Standard (approximately), looking south. Rendering to the left, reality to the right.]

[View of the new Whitney from the High Line, looking south. Rendering to the left, reality to the right.]

Some more construction photos from this summer, showing the in-progress building from multiple angles, in all its contemporary glory.

[Photo by Timothy Schenck.]

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