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Boaz Gilad's Dystopian Future Building Now Less Frightening

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Initial renderings of Boaz Gilad's 735 Bergen Street drew comparisons (from us) to "an establishing shot in a movie about a dystopian police-state," and prompted one commenter to refer to Gilad as a "one-man case for landmarking." Gilad and his faithful architects Isaac & Stern have now revised the original design and, while the building has mostly maintained its odd shape it can no longer be said that it resembles a dystopian future, although it is somewhat more reflective of our dystopian present, with flower boxes on the ground floor and roof and a dark gray brick facade highlighted by the copper-colored metal strips that have become so popular among developers trying to communicate how high-end their projects are. The apartments — condos, this time — are expected to hit the market this coming spring.
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