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Become Saddened by These Photos of the 1980s East Village

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[Looking north on 3rd Avenue at East 13th Street/John Fensten]

EV Grieve reader Susan Fensten shared some photos of the East Village that she and her father John took in the 1980s. They do a good job of showing how much more charming the neighborhood was before Ben Shaoul got his grubby little hands all over it, so we decided to pair them with some more current shots from Google Streetview and really bum everybody out. See a grocery store turn into a Dunkin Donuts! See the empty sky turn into an enormous glass tower! (Visit EV Grieve for the rest of the very nice/depressing photos.)

[Northeast corner of 1st Avenue and 6th Street/John Fensten]

[East 4th Street with the Merchant's House on the left/John Fensten]

That last one isn't so different, actually, although there is a new hotel going up on the other side of the Merchant's House.
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