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Abandoned Harlem School Secures Funding for Redevelopment

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P.S. 186 on West 145th Street has sat vacant for so long that, as you can see above, trees have started to grow through the windows. But now the redevelopment that the derelict building so desperately needs is right around the corner, as a trio of developers has secured nearly $50 million in funding. One, the M.L. Wilson Boys and Girls Club of Harlem, purchased the building in 1986 (11 years after the school closed) for $215,000, but couldn't drum up enough capital to follow through on their development plans. Now that they have been joined by Monadnock Development and Alembic Community Development, a 10,000-square-foot facility for the Boys and Girls Club is on the way, along with 78 rental units — 63 designated for low-income families, seven for middle-income families, and eight market-rate. The project is being designed by Dattner Architects.
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