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Adorable Thompson Street Co-op Has Two Major Secrets

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[Drag the toggle left for reality and right to see the lofted room disappear into a more marketable bedroom!] This 400-square-foot Soho apartment, which just listed for $449,000, is small yet charming. It would be a great contender for The Six-Digit Club, but beyond its price and cuteness, the sixth-floor walk-up on Thompson between Prince and Spring also has two notable oddities. First, it just sold—literally just, on July 31—for just $97,778. (Though the buyer's name, Joel Salinger, is also on the long list of sellers, which includes an executor, so makes us think it could be a insider-y transfer of sorts.) Still, if it goes for ask, that's a pretty hefty profit for Flipping Extraordinaire Mr. Salinger. Secondly, the bedroom as it stands is a tiny, cramped loft space with a bed on top and clothes hanging in the open underneath. The listing includes a photo of it... along with a virtually staged photo of how it might look in a buyer's dreams: with immaculate white bedding and a print of flora over the headboard.

· 110 Thompson Street #6A [Keller Williams]