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Tony River House Pad Goes To Foreclosure Auction, the Dogs

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Arlene Farkas, the estranged wife of department store heir Bruce Farkas and partial owner of their contested River House apartment, will endure a public foreclosure auction of the beleaguered pad. The Daily News reports that Farkas has defaulted on over $6 million in mortgage payments on the palatial apartment that's been caught in an 18-year divorce settlement and on and off the market since 2011. Farkas was almost out of the hole when France was in talks to buy the 5,000-square-foot home for $7.8 million in July for their United Nations ambassador, but the building's co-op board, at the bequest of a snooty resident, ruled against entertaining an occupant with sovereign immunity who probably likes to party a little harder and more often than they found acceptable.

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