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Nomad Better Brace for a 40-Story, Cantilevered Virgin Hotel

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Among the new condos, rentals, and hotels colonizing the swath of city north of Madison Square Park, the planned Virgin Hotel is a biggie. It marks bigshot billionaire Richard Branson's first venture in New York, and he has brazenly proclaimed that it'll be "beautiful and irresistible." Here now, YIMBY proffers the first glimpse of the 489-room, 40-story structure that'll rise on Broadway between 29th and 30th. In terms of design, it'll be the polar opposite of the Nomad and the Ace, that is, unabashedly modern. (One report says VOA Associates had been tapped as architects.) Branded with Virgin's prominent red logo, it has various blocky sections that will cantilever over each other. That creates outdoor decks, one with a pool, visible in the renderings. There will also be big glassy retail stores lining the bottom-most level of the project, which will drastically change the streetscape on that currently-humble stretch of Broadway. For that stretch, demolition comes next. Is Nomad ready for the next wave?
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