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Paul Rudolph's Incredible 23 Beekman Relisted for $28M

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While people are willing to drop upwards of $30 million on any old three-bedroom in One57, there isn't a buyer to be found for one of New York City's modernist gems: the former personal residence of architect Paul Rudolph at 23 Beekman Place. The four-unit townhouse, which includes Rudolph's incredible penthouse addition "the four interconnected levels of [which] are encompassed by cantilevered floors, mezzanines, bridges, floating stairs, steel I beams, and pergolas," was just put back on the market for $28 million after being listed for $27.5 million in December of 2012. Although the house is, aesthetically, very enticing, a 2006 interview with architect William Grindereng may shed some light on why it has failed to attract a buyer so far:

Rudolph loaned me that apartment once when he was out of town and I was doing something in New York. I stayed there. I went out on this bird walk to the little seating area and it was really scary. I mentioned this to Rudolph when he came back. He said, 'Yes, I'm afraid to go out there myself.' · Listing: 23 Beekman Place [Corcoran]
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