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LINC LIC Fully Leased; Farewell to the Spook-A-Rama Cyclops

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LONG ISLAND CITY—The Real Deal reports that LINC LIC, the 709-unit, 42-story rental building developed by Rockrose Development in 2012, is now 100 percent leased, which is legitimately pretty impressive. [TRD; previously]

CONEY ISLAND—Deno's Wonder Wheel Park and the Coney Island History Project are hosting a "Bon Voyage Party for the Spook-A-Rama Cyclops" on September 7. The iconic cyclops sculpture is leaving Coney Island for the first time since the '50s to be part of a traveling exhibit. The first 500 guests will be served ghoulade and eyeball cookies. [CurbedWire Inbox]

Linc LIC

43-10 Crescent Street, Queens, NY