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Floorplans Unveiled for Woolworth Building's 'Cheap' Condos

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Through sleuthing at the New York Attorney General's office, The Real Deal's Hiten Samtani first uncovered the seven (!!!) story floorplan for the Woolworth Building's $110 million penthouse. But the offering plan on file at the Attorney General was the gift that kept on giving, since it also contained floorplans for the rest of the long-awaited conversion's 34 apartments-to-be. The cheapest apartment that Alchemy Properties will be bringing to market is priced at $3.9 million, which gets you a one-bedroom on the 44th floor (floorplan above.)

The 31st and 43rd floors house the apartments above, a four bedroom with outdoor space (left) for $26.4 million and a three-bed for $15.7M. The best thing about these floorplans is how the Gothic details on the Cathedral of Commerce's facade show up, along with things like a "mechanical terrace" that will be useless for buyers but so nicely reveals the building's distinctive shape and historic architecture.

Also gleaned from the offering plan, TRD has pricing for every unit, including the second- and third-most expensive apartments (coming in after the penthouse, of course). Called Pavilion A and Pavilion B, they'll cost $28.8M and $22.6M, respectively. They both have terraces and 3+ bedrooms. The Real Deal has the floorplans for those, and more.
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