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Julia Stiles Sells Gramercy Condo for $2.7 Million

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Actress Julia Stiles is best known for starring in the 90s classic 10 Things I Hate About You and the mom classic Mona Lisa Smile, and now she's quietly picked up a cool $2.7 million for her three-bedroom duplex at 310 East 15th Street in Gramercy.

According to Zillow, Stiles' father bought the 2,081-square-foot apartment back in 2004, though she is listed on the property records as the seller (nice of him). The unit has two wood-burning fireplaces, a "beautiful" new kitchen, an open rooftop deck overlooking Stuyvesant Square, and a south-facing balcony, plus some questionable art and an upright piano in the living room.

Stiles was also a major player in The Bourne Identity and subsequent installments. In our opinion, she didn't really do anything interesting with the role until The Bourne Ultimatum, despite the fact that it was, unfortunately, kind of a crappy movie. Oh and she was in Dexter, too.
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