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Mirror, Mirror on an Upper East Side Ceiling Wants $5M

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Let's just all agree: mirrored ceilings are never a good idea. Maybe they're ok in bad dance clubs, but in a Fifth Avenue co-op worth several million dollars? No. Nope. Never. Just no. And yet... there they are, shining brightly atop the living room in this three-bedroom Upper East Side apartment at 870 Fifth Avenue, on the market for $4.995 million. It also appears that the ceiling of at least one bedroom and the walls of the living room are clad in super reflective, mirror-like material, and the living room also holds what might be the largest under-lit couch in the world. But not everything in the home is completely wacko; the room leading out to the terrace has normal hardwood floors, coffered ceilings, and not a single reflective surface. Maybe the rest of the place looks like this, too?

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