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Park Slopers Revolt Against 'Weird and Tacky' Elliman Mural

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Continuing the long and illustrious tradition of Park Slopers vocally objecting to, well, everything (hospitals, grilling, lack of parking, cats, school zones, ice cream, concertgoers, weird alleys, etc.) someone (or ones) has been hanging up signs protesting the new mural that brokerage Douglas Elliman had painted on the wall of its 7th Avenue office. The sign-maker begins, summoning all of his or her powers of self-righteous indignity, "Douglas Elliman Real Estate, Many of your neighbors on Garfield Place have worked hard to plant gardens, build tree boxes and keep this small residential street safe and clean." All of which is very germane to the issue at hand. Did Elliman even think about how hard the residents of the street worked on those flower boxes before they painted a mural on the side of their building? Did they even consider awarding the residents of Park Slope with a custom-made World's Hardest Workers trophy? Those monsters.

The sign then goes on to demand that Elliman 1) "Remove the tacky and weird corporate billboard," 2) fix a hole in the sidewalk, and 3) clean up the dog poop bags that people leave outside their office. At least the dog walkers are off the hook.

And another sign:

UPDATE: The public relations department at Elliman responds, quite unnecessarily, with a statement about how their "core objective is to work with our communities." (Weird, we thought their core objective was to sell real estate.) There are truly no winners here:

We at Douglas Elliman have met with many of the people who lodged complaints, and invited them to help us curate future content for our mural wall. Our core objective is to work with our communities, and we view this as an opportunity to reach out to our neighbors and respectfully learn from their opinions, and ultimately, take action. · Park Slope Neighbors Complain About New Elliman Mural [Brownstoner]
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