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Blue Moon Hotel Is Still For Sale, Still Wants $19 Million

It's been a little over a year since we mentioned the Blue Moon Hotel, but the perpetually for-sale establishment has reminded us it exists by re-listing with the same, unreasonable $19 million price tag. The Lower East Side hotel, located at 100 Orchard Street, has been seeking a new owner for nearly a decade, and the new listing is going old school, using the same language that was used to market the hotel back in 2006. It didn't work then, but hey, things are different now, right?

From the listing, verbatim: "This is prime opportunity for a hotel user they can also use it for selling time-shares, or turn it into a condo hotel. The property would also make a great bed and breakfast opportunity, for an institution as school or an opportunity to piece together a series of galleries in one space on a historic Museum block." In 2011, the building was appraised at $10 million, but the price has never dipped below $16.5 million. The owner, Randy Settenbrino, has insisted that the building "is more like a museum than a hotel, and the usual metrics don't apply." Perhaps it's time for an attitude adjustment?
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Photo via Property Shark