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New York City's 10 Best-Selling Buildings of 2014 (So Far)

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As Curbed is wont to do as each quarter goes blazing by, we've asked our friends at Property Shark to compile the buildings that sold the most apartments so far in 2014. It's been a gangbusters time for real estate sales. Despite the crazy number of new developments, many of 2014's best-selling buildings are ones that have been around for a little while—and even in locations we normally wouldn't consider booming, like Bayside. Of course, Midtown West and the Financial District sell a lot, too. Remember, for projects with hundreds of units, it takes awhile to offload them all. Also, note that this list is ranked by sheer number of units sold through August 20, 2014, without considering the context of how big or small the development may be.

10) 35 Skillman Street

Units sold: 33
Median price: $499,000
The Skinny: There are three buildings tied for third place, with 33 units sold apiece. First up, Bed Stuy's 35 Skillman, a large development with 72 units that's east of the Brooklyn Navy Yard. A whole truckload of them have sold since January, with closing prices ranging from $304,200 to about half a million dollars. [Photo via Property Shark]

10) 635 West 42nd Street

Units sold: 33
Median price: $900,000
The Skinny: Despite the Atelier's overly lofty ambitions—the place is asking $85 million for a 10-bedroom combo on the 45th floor and a random triplex for $25 million—it seems someone is actually buying apartments in the giant glassy tower o' 475 condos between Eleventh and Twelfth avenues. Go figure. [All Curbed coverage; photo via Property Shark]

10) 2 River Terrace

Units sold: 33
Median price: $2,150,000
The Skinny: It's not enough the Leonardo DiCaprio lives here (at least till he moves to the Delos) and even bought another unit next to the apartment he already owns earlier this. Thirty-two other folks have also nabbed condos at Battery Park City's 2 River Terrace. Homes here are not cheap, but somehow, they're still getting snapped up. FiDi residential renaissance, here we come. [All Curbed coverage; photo via Property Shark]

10) 165 West 91st Street

Units sold: 33
Median price: $2,235,059
The Skinny: And now, to the Upper West Side, for the last 10th best-selling building on the list. Rental-to-condo conversion The Mirabeau launched sales in June of 2013, and its 96 prewar-pretty units are selling at a fairly fast clip, with about a third of them spoken for. They're not cheap, either. [All Curbed coverage; photo via Property Shark]

9) 15 Broad Street

Units sold: 35
Median price: $1,375,000
The Skinny: 15 Broad has had its fair share of troubles, with, oh, the whole Attorney General-implemented ban on condo sales thing. Yet the Financial District's JP Morgan headquarters-turned-condo building has managed to sell units all the same, with 35 deals closed in 2014 thus far. (There are still 21 on the market.) Does that mean the "Downtown Insanity Palace" can retain its moniker? [All Curbed coverage, photo via Property Shark]

8) 99 John Street

Units sold: 36
Median price: $699,371
The Skinny: This popular office-to-condo conversion is big, with 442 units, but after initially coming to market as rentals, sales took some time to get off the ground. It boasts a reality TV appearance and some "amazing" apartments. It was also one of the best-selling buildings of 2013, and of the first quarter of this year. It's definitely more affordable than other FiDi options out there, so no wonder these places are getting snatched up. [All Curbed coverage]

7) 200 East 66th Street

Units sold: 37
Median price: $2,902,013
The Skinny: Here's another repeat offender. Despite legal troubles with some remaining rental tenants, condo conversion Manhattan House has seen strong sales yet again in this round, despite having been on the market for awhile. But it does take a bit of time to sell 580 units, eh? Right now, there are 15 apartments on the market and another 7 in contract. [All Curbed coverage]

6) 350 West 42nd Street

Units sold: 39
Median price: $1,270,000
The Skinny: Joining the Atelier in the top 10 is another 42nd Street condo tower, the Orion. Last summer, the real estate market was so bonkers than a Times profilee in The Hunt made an offer on an Orion condo without even seeing it. And this year's even crazier, so... there are 12 units in the building up for grabs at the moment, ranging from $849,000 for a studio to $2,375,000 for a 2BR/2BA. [All Curbed coverage]

5) 2 Bay Club Drive

Units sold: 41
Median price: $475,000
The Skinny: This gated community in Bayside, Queens, has oodles of apartments, plus 13 acres of parkland surrounding it and amenities that include a swimming pool and gym. According to Property Shark, it houses 1,037 condos total. An apartment in the complex is currently asking almost $1 million, and that seems like a heck of a lot for Bayside.

4) 211 East 13th Street

Units sold: 47
Median price: $1,626,109
The Skinny: Replacing the Mystery Lot in the East Village was The Jefferson, an 83-unit condo that used some inventive marketing campaigns to attract traditionally non-East Village-y buyers. They must've worked, because aaallll those apartments are gone within months of sales launching. [All Curbed coverage]

3) 44-15 Purves Street

Units sold: 48
Median price: $602,840
The Skinny: The Vista, one of the many new towers that have risen in Long Island City's Court Square, sold out in February. Fun facts: the 15-story, 48-unit building is "feng shui-certified." For example, there is no fourth floor labeled, because four is an unlucky number in Chinese culture. (It sounds like the word for death.) Sales started in late 2012, and, look at that, all gone. [All Curbed coverage]

2) 63-14 Queens Boulevard

Units sold: 57
Median price: $381,219
The Skinny: This Woodside condo leapt up from the last spot on the Q1 list to be a runner-up here. Curbed doesn't check in on that much It's a new eight-story mixed-use development with 96 units, from studios to three-bedrooms, that have been snatched up in droves since January of this year. Rentals in the area are going fast, too. Crain's notes a general trend: that the neighborhood's lower property prices are luring younger residents and retailers. [All Curbed coverage]

1) 93 Worth Street

Units sold: 73
Median price: $1,578,288
The Skinny: Drumroll, please! 93 Worth made this list in the first quarter of 2014, but this is the first time it's taken the top slot. Part of Tribeca's mini-development boom near Broadway, office-to-condo conversion 93 Worth has shown signs of success since it launched sales in late 2012. A rooftop addition to the original building houses seven penthouses, which debuted in May with a sweet party. Communal amenities include a rooftop terrace with kitchen and a dog-washing station. Presumably not together. [All Curbed coverage]
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15 Broad Street

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