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Design Competition For 42nd Street; Stats on Renting in NYC

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MIDTOWN—Vision42 design competition is begging thinkers to submit their ideas for a modified 42nd Street. The competition seeks to inspire a design for the congested throughway that will change it into a car-free, light-rail lined corridor. Registration ends September 8. More details here. [Official; CurbedWire inbox]

ALL OVER—Roommate search site conducted a roommate census to discover the particularities about renting in New York. Here are their findings: 74.6 percent of New Yorkers spend more than 30-percent of their salary on rent, and 42.6 percent of those people say their rent is "affordable." Of that percentage, 74 percent are women. 27 percent of roommates are over the age of 35, and 41 percent of roommates say they can afford to live on their own, but choose not to. More than 71-percent of the 1,403 people who reported to the census make less than $50,000 per year. [SpareRoom]