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Curbed Wants Your Photos of the Supertall 432 Park Avenue

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At 1,397 feet, 432 Park Avenue will be the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere. It still has a couple months to go until it reaches that superlative height, but it is already pretty freakin' tall and seems like it's visible from just about everywhere. The middle of Bedford Avenue in Bed-Stuy? Oh, hello! Over the tree line at Central Park? Hi, there! Any rooftop in Queens? Yep, there it is. Where have you been when you've spotted the supertall tower? We want to know. And we also want a photo. Next time you spy 432 Park Avenue rising into the sky, snap a photo, send it to, and tell us exactly where you were. The collected photos and locations will be turned into a future story, so hop to it—this will be fun.
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Photos via the Curbed Flickr pool and CurbedWire Inbox

432 Park Avenue

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