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443 Greenwich's Sales Office Reveals Courtyard, Tubs, More!

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The eagerly anticipated book bindery-turned-condos conversion on Greenwich Street between Debrosses and Vestry is preparing to launch sales this fall. Despite the lack of official, oh, listings on the market, we've had a sneak preview of some very pretty interior renderings, early versions of penthouse design, and some floorplans. Next up: a look inside the Metro Loft development's extensive sales office, located nearby on 174 Hudson Street. Adaptive reuse specialists Collective Construction Management posted some photos of the 10,000-square-foot gallery, which includes glimpses of a lush, landscaped courtyard, a model of the handsome red-brick building, a full kitchen and bathroom set-up, plenty of renderings projected on the wall, and more.

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443 Greenwich St

443 Greenwich Street, Manhattan, NY 10013