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Can Gary Barnett Build a Second One57 in Times Square?

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News about 740 Eighth Avenue has been scarce since the office tower plans from Related Companies and Boston Properties fell through and they traded the site to Gary Barnett's Extell Development. But an article in Deadline Hollywood now sheds some light on the future of the property: Jeremy Gerard writes that, "Barnett reputedly is planning another super-skyscraper along the lines of One57." Hey, we didn't say it shed a surprising light.

Gerard spends most of his article debunking New York Post theater columnist Michael Riedel's article about the Shubert Organization planning to bring a 1,500-seat Broadway theater to the site. Riedel also claims that the site is "sandwiched between Frankie & Johnnie's steakhouse and the Shuberts' Imperial Theatre" (the site is on a corner — Frankie & Johnnie's is five buildings away) and that "The Shuberts can build there because they own the lot" (Gary Barnett owns most of the lot), so the theater thing seems... a little dubious. But a huge glass tower full of multi-million-dollar condos? Yeah, that's probably going to happen.
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