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This Shiny Three-Bedroom at The Plaza Thinks It's Worth $50M

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The third Plaza apartment to hit the market in a week has landed, and it's a doozy. Asking $49.5 million, the 3,400-square-foot 3BR/4.5BA pad is made up of the grand hotel's former state rooms, and every major space has Central Park views, including the master bathroom. A trust paid "just" $13.6M for the place back in 2008, buying direct from the sponsor, and if it sells for ask, that's a 293 percent profit for the seller. The only more expensive apartment in the Plaza is Tommy Hilfiger's bonkers duplex penthouse, which wants $80 million. Seriously, what is up with the Plaza these days? (Besides complex battles over ownership.) Three apartments hit the market in the usually-slow last week of summer; plus, there are currently 21 up for sale, out of 150 condos total. Eloise must have unleashed some bat signal calling for everyone to flip out.

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