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Check Out the Less Boxy Side of ODA's Boxy LIC Building

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Only one rendering—and few details—has been revealed for the ODA-designed apartment building that's rising next to 5 Pointz (RIP), but the eagle eyes over at New York YIMBY spotted another one on the architect's website. While the first shows a building that could be 56 Leonard's squat little sister, this one shows the opposition side, which has a lot less protuberances. Permits noted that the building, located at 22-22 Jackson Avenue, would have a pool on the third floor, and while the pool is not visible in the rendering, that big open space looks like it probably holds one. Tenants of the 175 units will also enjoy a library, rooftop terrace, attended parking, and a lounge. The project should be complete in 2016, meaning that the tenants will be just in time to see the 5 Pointz-replacing towers rise. That should be fun.

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22-22 Jackson Avenue

22-22 Jackson Avenue, Queens, NY 11101