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See 30 Years of Change In the East Village, From 1984 to Today

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[The Christodora House at 143 Avenue B between East 9th and 10th streets]

East Village resident and photographer Daniel Root has become an accidental documentarian of the neighborhood's changing landscape. In 1984, some 19 years after Root and his wife settled in the neighborhood, he agreed to photograph the area for a friend's book, which ultimately fell through. Thirty years later, Root discovered the photos again, and what they are inherently privy to: the neighborhood's massive change. He has since taken a series of "after" photographs to juxtapose the '80's shots with, both brought to our attention by Bowery Boogie.

↑ 301 East 8th Street between avenues B and C looking south through the Ecology Garden.

↑ 222 East 3rd Street between avenues B and C.

↑ 360 East 4th Street at Avenue D.

↑ 162 Avenue B between East 10th and 11th streets.

↑ 141 Avenue A at East 9th Street.

↑ East 9th Street and Avenue C. There are many more on Root's Tumblr site.
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