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Birders Petition to Save Peregrine Falcons at 25 CPW

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[Red-tailed hawk nest at Riverside Church. Via jphillipobrien2006/Curbed Photo Pool]

A group of bird-lovers are ruffling feathers at 25 Central Park West by petitioning the management of the landmarked Century building to save a family of threatened peregrine falcons, who have taken up residence on millionaire Steve Nislick's window sill.

According to The Post, a petition with 4,200 signatures was presented to building management, though managers at Douglas Elliman have refused to comment.

The raptors first appeared in 2010 and have returned to their spot outside Nislick's window ever year. However, this spring, Nislick built a 3' nesting box for the birds to protect them from harsh weather and protect their eggs, which had never hatched until this May.

Nevertheless, condo-board president Mike Kelly says that the nest is illegal and could hinder exterior renovations to the landmarked building on Central Park West. According to Linda Marcus, wife of Nislick, Douglas Elliman manager Eric Lyons "wants to get rid of it quietly."

It's worth noting that there are only twenty nesting pairs of peregrine falcons in New York City.
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