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This Park Slope Studio Is $1,250/Month... But Has No Windows

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Someone keeping a close eye on Park Slope apartments spotted this Craigslist posting last week. It's for a studio on Sackett Street and Fifth Avenue that costs $1,250/month and includes the line: "The catch - it doesn't have any windows. While that's definitely a deal-breaker for some people, for those of you who like the added privacy, this apartment is an absolute steal." Please take note, this means apartment does not have any windows. Now, this is technically illegal, because all bedrooms have to have at least one window (warning: PDF!), so something's fishy here. Our tipster commented: "By 'some people,' they mean basically everyone; and by 'those of you who like the added privacy,' they mean Jeffrey Dahmer or Walter White."

We were reluctant to tear the place apart without photos but then, miraculously, a new listing for the same basement apartment reappeared. It has since been taken down, but not before we took a few screenshots. The broker amended his or her prior babble and now notes that there are "no windows except for a small one where you can put a standing A/C pipe out." The legality seems tenuous. Added one Park Slope expert: "That block is a pretty notorious flood zone. Basement apartment = certain regret." Also, where is this mysterious window? Where? See if you can spot it. The price is right, but who could live without windows?

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