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Walker Tower Seller Seeks 75% Profit With $25M Penthouse

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January 2014: Mystery buyer purchases Walker Tower penthouse for $14,255,500. August 2014: Buyer thinks, "What the hell, this market is crazy. I'm going to sell this 3BR/4.5BA duplex with a terrace for... TWENTY-FIVE MILLION DOLLARS." August 4, 2014: The deed is done. Probably angling to capitalize on the feeding frenzy surrounding the Art Deco Verizon building-turned-condos, the aforementioned mystery buyer, a.k.a. Sky Walker Tower LLC, is angling for a 75 percent profit after holding onto Penthouse #5 for a mere seven months. Will this flip have a happy ending?

· Listing: 212 West 18th Street #PH5 [Corcoran via StreetEasy]
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Walker Tower

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