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Qatar Decides It Doesn't Want That $90M UES Townhouse

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For reasons that remain really unclear, the nation of Qatar has walked away from the potential record-setting purchase of the commercial townhouse at 19 East 64th Street, according to the Real Deal. The deal was announced in January with much fanfare, and the initial reports said the house, which the Wildenstein family used as an art gallery, could sell for $100 million. Douglas Elliman brokers Oren and Tal Alexander highly publicized the contract, but now that it fell apart, no one is talking.

Sources told the Real Deal that the contract was signed for $90 million, and it was supposed to close in June. But before that, lawyers for Qatar told the Wildenstiens that the nation might have had a change of heart, and the closing was pushed to July. That came and went, and all a Wildenstein spokesperson would tell TRD is that "they did not close as scheduled." TRD speculates that the Qatari government decided it probably was not a good PR move to drop $90 million on a townhouse in America when they are being scrutinized over poor working conditions and the deaths of hundreds of migrant workers related to 2022 World Cup construction. The Wildensteins had vacated the house in preparation for the sale, so it now sits vacant. It's unclear if they'll seek a new buyer.
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Photo via Property Shark