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Marina Abramovic Already Done With Soho Condo, Gets $3M

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"Grandmother of performance art" Marina Abramovic bought a two-bedroom condo in Soho's Urban Glass House last April for $2.65 million. Now, after a little more than a year, she has sold it for $2.995 million (the full asking price). Abramovic must not have liked the apartment very much, unless... maybe this is her greatest piece of performance art yet. Nah, probably not.

Abramovic has been making a lot of moves in the Soho real estate market as of late. She also sold her loft in 70 Grand Street in 2012 and her Soho townhouse (54 King Street) in 2013, purchasing the condo in between the two sales. So, it would probably be a mistake to assume that she's leaving the neighborhood. And since she's already gone through a townhouse, loft, and glassy condo, what's next? A stuffy co-op? A rental with a creepy mannequin? That one actually might be sort of up her alley.

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