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Second Avenue Subway Gets $1.5B for Phase 2 Construction

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The future timeline of the Second Avenue Subway has been uncertain, but Benjamin Kabak of Second Avenue Sagas reports that today MTA CEO and Chairman Tom Prendergast announced that $1.5 billion will be included in the MTA's five-year 2015-2019 capital plan for construction of phase 2. Phase one will (fingers crossed!) finally open in 2016, extending the Q train from 63rd Street to 96th Street. Phase 2 will take the train even further north to 125th Street, connecting it with the Lexington Avenue line and MetroNorth. The $1.5 billion that will be set aside is only one-third of the total estimated cost, and the plan is that the federal government will funnel some additional dollars into the project. Kabak didn't have many details, but he says "this is a welcome development and very, very good news." Phases 3 and 4 will eventually bring the T line all the way down the east side to Hanover Square. Who knows when that will happen.
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