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5Pointz Replacement Will Have Feeble Dedicated Graffiti Walls

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It's not quite a compromise, but it's something. Jerry Wolkoff and son David, the men who are bringing 1,100 apartments to the site of former graffiti mecca 5Pointz, have released new renderings depicting areas set aside at the new development for the art form. The walls will be on a 40-foot by 80-foot edifice above the garage, surrounding a 30,000-square-foot public rear courtyard, and along Davis Street. "We're happy to do it," senior Wolkoff said of the walls to NYDN, who first reported the concession. Sure, Jerry. The walls seem more an attempt to stave off spray paint-toting protestors who may visit the new building where once a haven stood, than an interest in honoring the building's legacy. Demolition at the site will begin within two weeks.