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Exclusive Explorers Club Has All The Taxidermy You'd Expect

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For almost half a century, The Explorers Club has occupied a townhouse on East 70th Street. Supercompressor took an in-depth tour inside the 1910 Jacobean mansion, which is usually off-limits to anyone but members, who need to have accomplished pretty adventurous feats in order to join the gang. It's home to talks as well as events, which sometimes feature creepy-crawlies as edibles and can apparently get kinda rowdy. The club's Old World, wood-paneled rooms hold photos and flags and mementos from expeditions the world over—and, unsurprisingly, lots and lots of taxidermy. (Which, actually, conservation-savvy members would love to see cleared out.) SC writes that the place "has all the casual charm of an ultimate hangout designed by a 10-year-old and his grandpa, Teddy Roosevelt."

Thoughts on stuffed animals aside, let's just say this place is way classier than Borough Park's Torah Animal Museum or even that terrifying Beresford apartment on the market for $3.4 million. Head over to Supercompressor for more photos and more details.
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