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Rabble-Rousing Assemblyman Seeks QueensWay Compromise

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State Assemblyman Michael Miller is looking for a compromise in the plan for the QueensWay, a proposed park built over 3.5 miles of deserted elevated tracks that stretch between Ozone Park and Rego Park. The Times Ledger reports that Miller—who is attempting to appease those for the park, those against it, and those who want to see the line returned to its use as a railway—has proposed a connection between the elevated line and the end of the A train in Ozone Park, which would connect LIRR passengers to Atlantic Terminal as well as providing a quicker route to Manhattan. Miller has also proposed dropping any effort of rehabilitating the tracks, for park use or otherwise, south of Myrtle Avenue. North of Myrtle Avenue, Miller maintains the idea to transform the stretch into elevated parkland.

Miller's proposition has drawn much criticism, especially from Friends of the QueensWay, which is conducting a feasibility study for the plan with results expected in the fall. The group maintains that rehabilitating the track for use as a railway is too expensive, and the space will be best used as a park. Currently, no safe walkable path exists between the two neighborhoods.
Image via Friends of the QueensWay.
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