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MTA Wants Developers To Help Fund Second Ave. Subway

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Details have emerged of the MTA's floated 2015 to 2019 capital plan, announced Wednesday. The plan allots $1.5 billion for Phase 2 of the Second Avenue subway, which includes the extension of the Q line from 96th Street to 125th Street where it will adjoin MetroNorth. The plan also includes $20 billion for subway maintenance, and $2 to $5 billion for rider enhancements like swipeless entry and countdown clocks. The major snag in the plan? It's built on hypothetical money. In MTA chairman Tom Prendergast's Wednesday appeal to lawmakers from the New York State Assembly, Prendergast made clear that the program needed their fiscal support. NYDN says transit officials have also expressed that they believe revenue for the plan "can and should" come from east side property owners and developers who will benefit from the rezoning and added transportation. The capital plan has yet to be approved by the MTA or the Capital Program Review Board in Albany.

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