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Two Trees Drops $10M To Salvage Domino Factory Pieces

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When Two Trees unveiled its SHoP-tastic makeover for the Domino Sugar Factory last year, the developer mentioned an "Artifact Walk"—described by SHoP partner Vishaan Chakrabarti as "Williamsburg's version of the High Line"—that would incorporate bits of machinery from the factory. Landscape architects from James Corner Field Operations are currently surveying the site for relics. Reps for Two Trees say that salvaging expedition costs $10 million, and according to the Daily News, here's what will be saved:

1) 80-foot-tall gantry cranes. The cranes were used to unload raw sugar from ships that arrived from Latin America and the Caribbean. These will sit at one of the artifact walk.

2) 425-foot-long rail tracks. The tracks, which supported the cranes, will serve as the "backbone" for the new walkway

3) Structural columns from the sugar warehouse (where Kara Walker's installation was held). Along with the rail tracks, these will be incorporated into the base of the walkway.

4) Big metal tanks, which collected syrup during the refining process.

5) Mooring bollards, the metal posts that ships were tied to when they docked).

6) Bucket elevators, a thing that Wikipedia describes as "a mechanism for hauling flowable bulk materials."

7) "Various dials, meters and valves" from machinery will be used in a play area for children

8) The iconic Domino Sugar sign. The 40-foot-tall yellow sign is currently being taken down. This won't be used in the Artifact Walk, but rather it will be put on the renovated refinery building when construction is complete.

When the Refinery building re-opens, it will host an exhibit about the factory's past that the Brooklyn Historical Society is helping to curate.
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