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Porter House's Sixth Floor Wants $22M, Needs to be Combined

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Over the last two years, a real estate investor hiding behind the company Seven Houses Inc. has slowly bought up the sixth floor of the SHoP-designed Porter House on Ninth Avenue, and now the entity wants to sell the whole shebang for $22 million. But there's a catch: Mr. Seven Houses hasn't actually gone through the trouble of combining the units, which measure a total of 5,500 square feet. However, Seven Houses did have architect Kevin Bergin draw up plans for the combination, so at least a buyer has a roadmap to full-floor living. The space comes with one "jaw-dropping" bright orange powder room, 11-foot ceilings, and a 100-square-foot balcony. Seven Houses paid a total of $12.85 million for the three units, the most recent of which just closed on July 30, so he stands to make a nice profit if the trio sells for anywhere close to the ask.

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The Porter House

66 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY