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Condos Will Not Eat Williamsburg's Pierogi Gallery

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If it's true that life imitates art, it's also gotta be true that art imitates life. Such is the case with some uproarious construction scaffolding covered with a Work In Progress sign erected around Williamsburg's Pierogi Gallery on North 9th Street between Bedford and Driggs avenues. It turns out that artist Andrew Ohanesian is behind the cheeky art installation, which claimed a glassy residential tower was rising atop the beloved Williamsburg gallery, 'Stoner dishes. To put it simply: no construction, at least of this magnitude, is planned for the Pierogi Gallery site. That extra glass portion is but a work of 2D art. The DOB, however, did approve a permit for the scaffolding. Rest assured, Williamsburg stalwarts, at least one thing in your midsts will remain the same.
· Williamsburg Art Gallery Pierogi Will Not Become Luxury Condos ['Stoner]