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This Is How Manhattan West Would Look if You Were a Bird

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This photo, shot last month from a twin-engine airplane flying at approximately 1,000 feet, shows the current state of the Manhattan West megaproject site, where developer Brookfield is building a huge platform over the partially uncovered train tracks that run in and out of Penn Station. For a detailed description of how the platform is being built using a custom-designed Italian machine called "The Launcher," you can watch this animated video. But if you'd prefer not to think about the specifics of engineering and would like instead to simply sit in wonderment of what it can achieve, you can just look at the picture and imagine that you're a bird, soaring gracefully over Midtown West, worrying about how you're going to land a bird job in this bird economy, and probably pooping on Penn Station.

As of now, 11 of the platform's 16 spans have been laid, and it is on track to be completed by the end of the year. The finished platform will host a two-acre public plaza, and the cores of three towers, two office and one residential.
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