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Building Replacing Rizzoli Bookstore Will Be 'Seven-Star' Hotel

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Following the news that the Rizzoli Bookstore, rather than succumbing to death, will be moving to a new downtown location, its would be killers, Vornado Realty Trust and the LeFrak Organization, have announced that the building replacing it will be a "seven star" hotel. Who even knew that hotels could have that many stars?

Although the number of stars is the only detail that has been released so far, the move makes sense. As 57th Street completes its transformation into the Land of the Super-Wealthy, it's going to need an insanely expensive hotel. After all, say, for example, a condo owner in One57 or 432 Park is actually staying there (and not at one of his summer residences) and has a relative visiting. What is he supposed to do, let that relative sleep on his $10,000 couch? Gross. Send her to a mere six-star hotel, which could be multiple blocks away? Disgusting. Send her to the seven-star right down the street? Acceptable, but just barely. This hotel will do as an interim solution until something more dignified comes along.
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