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Media Mogul Cuts $8 Million Off Lenox Hill Mansion Price

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Media mogul Robert F.X. Sillerman has decided to "simplify" his life by unloading over a $100 million worth of real estate, including the five-story mansion that he owns on East 70th Street. He had actually listed that house already, asking $36 million for it last October, but is now reportedly reducing the ask to $28 million. Things are just simpler that way.

The house's history is anything but simple, with former owners including Conde Nast publisher Si Newhouse, who installed a bulletproof glass atrium in the rear of the house for no discernible reason, and a Russian arms dealer who bought it on a whim while he was in town getting his wisdom teeth taken out, then lived there for about year without ever really moving in. Sillerman bought the place in 1994, paying $3.14 million.

[UPDATE: The listing is now live.]

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