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Triplex Penthouse in The Platinum Wants $19 Million

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This 4,300-square-foot triplex penthouse was previously available for rent for $39,500/month, and before that for $47,500/month. Now it has hit the sales market with an asking price of $18,888,800. (Really? Couldn't just go all the way with those eights?) It has 24-foot ceilings and a glass-walled staircase, or, in other words, exactly what you would expect from a penthouse in a Midtown building called The Platinum. (The building also features an amenity space called "The Zone.") There's also a Superman statue on the balcony, which the Observer describes as a "statue of a battle-ready Clark Kent in full Superman regalia," which is honestly just the weirdest way to identify Superman.

The current owner, according to the Observer, bought the penthouse in 2009 for $5.8 million and combined it with a smaller apartment to give it it's current configuration. We'll see if any buyers out there share his vision — it seems like the kind of place that might appeal to Batman, party-ready in full Bruce Wayne regalia.

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