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Neighbors Suspicious of One Vanderbilt's Transit Improvements

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In order to be allowed to build monstrous office tower One Vanderbilt in the newly rezoned Midtown East, developer SL Green had to promise $210 million in infrastructure improvements for the city. Earlier this week, the developer revealed how those improvements would manifest themselves and the reaction from the public (and from Curbed commenters) so far has been: Really? $210 million for that?

The plans mostly consist of some new subway entrances, stairs, corridors, etc. around Grand Central, a new indoor transit hall connecting various lines, a public plaza, and a few other things mostly involving stairs and entrances. At a Midtown community board on Tuesday, SL Green was asked repeatedly to show how the various improvements were tallied up to arrive at the $210 million figure, which the developer was unable or unwilling to do. The company later said that it would release a breakdown of the costs next month, when the public review process starts.
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