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That $139M House Hit The Market; Mystery at Dimitri's Dacha

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1) Hillsboro Beach: The big story of the week the record-taking listing of a $139 million house in, of all places, Fort Lauderdale. Yes, it is the most expensive residential listing (meaning on the MLS) in the United States, and yes it's actually in an a town called Hillsboro Beach, and yes to anyone outside of Broward County, Fort Lauderdale and Hillsboro Beach are the exact same place. Sorry.

2) Palm Beach Town: At one time Dimitri Robolovlev's $100 million purchase of Donald Trump's old place was big, big news, but it turns out that according to Robolovlev he may or may not legally own the house. It's a case of old school Russian secrecy, complicated ownership structures, and trying to hide your property from your litigious ex-wife.

3) Key Biscayne: Yet another hugely expensive residential listing has it the market. This one has seven zeros, a private cove, and a boring box of a house. Besides the fascinating almost-lost history of the property, there's practically nothing else to say about this $60 million listing.

4) Everywhere: The big transit news is bikesharing service DecoBike will be all over mainland Miami in just over a month, even though construction hasn't even started. We guestimated some figures and found that timeframe wasn't actually totally insane. It's been established (and actually profitable) over in Miami Beach for years.
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