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West Village's Impenetrable Fortress Mansion Sells for $42.5M

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Texas oil heiress Hyatt Bass, along with her husband, "Date Night" screenwriter Josh Klausner, bought this former film studio at 802 Greenwich Street in 2001, paying $7.5 million, and hired Annabelle Selldorf to convert it into a grotesquely large single-family mansion. Those renovations took a turn for the worse after Bass's mother was held hostage by the family butler in 2007, and Bass decided to sacrifice aesthetics for maximum security. The final result was the prison-like fortress that you see before you, looking significantly out of place in an otherwise charming section of the West Village. Bass and Klausner never even moved in, and put their 12,000-square-foot bunker on the market this February for $35 million. Comments at the time ranged from "I can't even imagine someone paying half the asking price for such an ugly house," to "Ugliest hunk of shit that I've seen in NYC," to "I wouldn't want to live there either." If any place ever seemed destined for a visit from the PriceChopper, it was this one.

Anyway, the house just sold for $42.5 million to an unidentified buyer, according to the Daily News, making it one of most expensive single-family houses to ever sell in Manhattan. Go figure.
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