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333 Schermerhorn Street Still Waiting for The Hub to Rise

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The original late-2014 completion date is certainly off the table at this point for The Hub at 333 Schermerhorn Street, once set to be Brooklyn's tallest tower. (With the height on the most recently approved plans listed at 577 feet, it won't quite beat 388 Bridge Street or the impending Avalon Willoughby West.) All that talk is putting the cart before the horse, however, because The Hub's current height appears, in a couple of construction site photos taken this weekend, to be holding steady at zero feet. The new anticipated completion date, according to on-site signage that YIMBY spotted back in May, is 2017. YIMBY also notes that, from the construction fence rendering, it looks like the somewhat interesting tiered top portion of the building has been value-engineered into a far less interesting basic cube. Despite the lack of progress to this point, there are clearly things happening at 333 Schermerhorn Street, with construction equipment and building parts lying around, and the tower itself can't be too far off.

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The Hub

333 Schermerhorn Street, New York, NY