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How a Butcher Captured the Meatpacking District's Gritty Past

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A butcher in the Meatpacking District in the late 1970s, Richard Ovaduke once borrowed his roommate's 35-millimeter camera and shot the meat market and the surrounding cobblestoned neighborhood. At the time, it was chock-full of other workers whose day-to-day existence involved being elbow-deep in animal parts as well as topless dancers and crossdressers. Nostalgia blog Jeremiah's Vanishing New York talked to Ovaduke about his photographs, which he's scanned and put on Facebook. The Gansevoort Meat Market where Ovaduke worked was between Washington, West, Little West 12th, and Gansevoort streets—not far at all from the spot on 14th Street and Ninth Avenue where an Apple Store now stands. A stark contrast, indeed.

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